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Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Responsive Web Design allows for the re-sizing and shifting of elements to fit on mobile devices.

Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet, and usually refers to coding and markup.

“In this competitive modern market, it isn’t enough just to have a website. It is a requirement that your online presence attract, engage, and influence people to utilize your services or buy your products.”

Web Design & Development

A website is one of the most important factors in validating the professionalism of a business in today’s market. This interactive media provides not only company information, but the overall impression and quality of services or products that are offered. In this competitive, modern market, it isn’t enough to just have a website, it is a requirement that your online presence attract, engage, and influence people to utilize your services or buy your products. And your website must reflect, enhance and strengthen your Brand in the hearts and minds of your target market.

Real Brand Marketing offers a over a decade of design and development experience for dynamic informational and e-commerce websites. We utilize the best in Content Management Systems to buld websites specifically designed for your unique purpose. Our custom websites are adaptive, responsive, mobile-ready, and optimized to function across desktops, laptops, tablets and smart mobile devices.

Our attractive, organized, professional layouts are designed to decrease bounce rates, and provide you with the full-featured, user-friendly experience that your customers have come to expect, and the competitive edge your business needs to succeed. We complete uur sites with enhanced SEO and 24/7 Monitored Security applications. Monthly Maintenance services include real-time (as-they-become-available) updates, link-fixes, and back-ups to a secure Cloud server.

Our Process

  • Gather & Organize Content
  • Research Competition – direct and indirect
  • Revise, Edit, & Update Content – for SEO
  • Determine Site Architecture – for best Brand messaging
  • Develop a Design Strategy – layout and navigation
  • Select Site Styling – determine fonts, colors and elements
  • Select & Size Visuals – enhanced content
  • Site Development – added features and functions
  • Test & Evaluation – apply edits as necessary
  • Launch


Real Brand Marketing provides Ecommerce Solutions for any size online store, including home based, boutique, small business, mid-size, and with 2 to 200+ employees. We utilize various content management solutions (CMS) based on your specific needs, whether you are business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, or consumer-to-business.

We have real-time application solutions for memberships, subscription services, wholesale / retail sales, music and e-book downloads, reservations, bookings, rental services, and more. Our custom e-commerce packages include built-in marketing with email, promotions, social media, and reporting. Let us know your needs and we can find a solution to fit your goals.







Let’s Get Started

Use the Request An Estimate button to provide your general project information and receive a project estimate. We’ll send you a Web Questionnaire Form to provide more detailed information about your business and website requirements for a more accurate price quote.

Website Refresh & Re-Designs

A poorly designed website can make a negative impact on conversions and sales. No matter what your industry, it’s crucial that you understand your market, keep an eye on your competition, and strategically design your website to make a positive impression.

Real Brand’s website refresh / re-design services begin with a full site assessment from the front-end view, to the backend dashboard and applications of your website. We evaluate your current design, layout, content, features, and functionality, and do a comparative analysis with your direct online competitors. You will then be given a comprehensive plan of how we can enhance the overall appearance, functionality, and marketing of your website. Request a Site Audit on the Request An Estimate form.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress offers the the most advanced CMS options for creating websites, with exceptional aesthetics, functionality, expandability, and enhanced SEO. Give us with your specific requirements and we’ll build a website with the modern features and functionality that fufill your business goals, and provide a flexible management system that easily allows for future growth.

WP Maintenance Services

WordPress Maintenance Services include application, theme*, and plugin updates and security patches as they become available, browser compatibility fixes, link repairs, and full site back-ups to a secure Cloud server. Service plans include up to 60 minutes of support per service period. Limitations may apply. See Web Maintenance for more details.

All Website Design and Development services are subject to the Website Terms Of Service as published on this site.