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Our professional WordPress websites are adaptive, responsive, mobile-ready, and optimized to function across desktops, laptops, mobile devices and smartphones. No need to pay for or maintain an additional mobile site.

Payment provides for initial hosting account set-up and comprehensive design proposal.  Please fill out the Web Questionnaire below. 



Our professional WordPress websites are adaptive, responsive, mobile-ready, and optimized to function across desktops, laptops, mobile devices and smartphones. No need to pay for or maintain an additional mobile site. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive, professional website that gives you the features and functions to drive your business, and the user-friendly experience that your customers have come to expect.

Please fill out the information below. We will provide you with a comprehensive design plan proposal, including a description of the features and functions chosen for your website. Pricing and general time schedules will be included. All details will be discussed in advance of project commencement and subject to your approval.


Domain & Hosting

We provide assistance for setting up Domain and Hosting services for your new website. Unlike other services, we make no attempt to own or control your web account. You have full control and management of your domain name, hosting services, ssl certificates (for e-commerce) and any other third-party services you may need or want for your web account.  RBM acts only as an administrator for the purposes of maintaining your site and troubleshooting problems.

We recommend WordPress Web Hosting with:

  • GoDaddy
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator

A credit / debit card will be required for setting up an account and purchasing domain and hosting services. RBM has no access to your credit card information entered into the account. You will be required to change your card information with the Hosting service if the card expires, or if you want to change your billing information.

See additional Terms & Conditions.

Design Requirements

You are required to provide all information necessary to complete your website. This includes logo files, stock photos, business or portfolio photos, other photgraphy or artwork for the site, content (edited, final version text), social media and other links required, and any other information required to complete your site as you have requested.

If you would like RBM to provide items such as professional stock photography, graphic illustrations, or research and development for content, the cost will be added to the total price of the website.

E-commerce sites require photos of each item to be sold, each variation, a short and long descrition of each item, and the sizes, dimensions and weights required for shipping. We install only the first 10 sale items in the site, and will provide instructions for you to install and change items. If you would like all of your items installed, the cost will added to the price of the website.

Websites are billed in two or three payments depending upon the requirements, with the first deposit due upon commencement. The deposit is non-refundable. All invoices are due and payable within 7 days of receipt. Your project may be placed on hold for late or non-payment, and an additional fee may be required to re-schedule and re-start the project.

All projects are scheduled on a timeline – which we make every attempt to adhere too. It is important that you provide all information on a timely basis so as not to delay the project.

See additional Terms & Conditions.


We provide web Maintenance Services, providing 24/7 security monitoring for theme and application updates  in real time as they become available, security patches, browser compatibility fixes, link repairs, and site back-ups after each update to a secure Cloud server. Services include up to 60 minutes of customer support per service period. Maintenance services are billed on a monthly basis, with payment plans based upon your site requirements, and keep your site running smoothly across  the major browsers.

Maintenance & Support Services

– 60 minutes / month

  • Site Back-ups – monthly back-up of content and database information for site restoration should your site become compromised. Stored to a remote Cloud Server for added security.
  • Link Repairs – weekly review of navigation and link functionality to ensure the site links are in working order.
  • Theme & Plugin Updates – maintenance of your website’s installed applications and plug-ins, for required updates in real time as they become available.
  • Security Monitoring – 24/7 security monitoring against unauthorized access and hacking attempts; IP blocking, maintenance of your website’s platform application, security updates and patches installed as they become available.
  • Web Browser Compatibility – monitoring of the website across all major web browsers, identifying the problems caused by regular server updates and solutions (as possible) for them in real time.
  • Site Support – consultation and technical support for minor fixes.

Maintenance services do not include:

  • Design or content changes to the Theme, or any plugin or application
  • Third Party services – such as domain(s), hosting, ssl certificates, etc.

Additional Paid Services: Additional services are assessed as indiviual assignments, and billed prior to service commencement.

  • Content additions, revisions, changes, uploads, installation and styling.
  • Plugins installed and configured to provide additional features and functions.
  • Custom graphics such as banners, slides, ads, or photos, designed, sized and uploaded.

E-Commerce Maintenance Additions: (Assesed on a per project basis)

  • Product Installation
  • Description Revisions
  • Variations & Swatches Additions
  • Seasonal, Holiday or Sale Slideshows & Banners
  • Page Content Updates

See additional Terms & Conditions.