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Regardless of the product, almost everything needs some sort of packaging, and the better the design of that packaging is, the more likely a consumer will be to buy it. We look at what the product is, where it would be sold, perceived consumer perception, and the product’s limitations, in order to create packaging in a more effective and efficient way.

It takes time and creative thinking to not only consider the box something would be packed in, but how a product will look on a shelf next to its competitors, and then how to get the consumer to pick it up and purchase it.

The Design Process

    • Concept Design: based on our research and the information provided by the Client, we start with conceptual designs. Concept design can range from the entirety of a packaging design or product, to graphic work for an already established template or brand.
    • Branding: if the product doesn’t yet have an established brand, we would conceive of the product’s packaging as integral to the overall brand, creating logos, style guides, packaging concepts, and more in line with the vision of the product or client.
    • Graphic Design: all of the graphic work involved with packaging design. Logos, layout, illustration, typography, for print-ready files.
    • Packaging Template Design: we  can design from a standard packaging template or one provided by the Client. Silk screened labels must be provided with the package or bottles overall dimensions and print requirements.
    • Media Design: we can also design the advertising for promoting your product.

You will be provided with several concepts during the process and a final mock-up.

Print -Ready Files for your Printer and Production.

You will get the files necessary to move to production. Your product packaging design will be delivered in the correct formats based on your stated needs. Typically this means an editable Adobe Illustrator file, Adobe Photoshop file, PDF file or EPS file.
Since not everyone has the correct design programs to open these files (your printer will), you will also get web preview files in PNG or JPEG file formats.

Plus, you’ll get the full legal copyright, so the design will be all yours.

Package Graphics – Design starts as low as $450

Package Graphics Design Quote
Package Graphics Design Quote